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The Book

Natural Phenomena of our planet interpreted by 16 of the best chefs in the world

This will be a deluxe edition of a coffee-table book, featuring edible interpretations of our planet’s phenomena according to some of the most renowned chefs in the world. Rich texts will describe the concepts and stories behind each gastronomic masterpiece, fully illustrated by beautiful photographs.


Escaping the usual organization of cookbooks (divided by specialty, nationality or ingredient), FOOD / NATURE is designed with an original focus: phenomena and states of Nature as an inspiration of masterful dishes created by 16 great chefs of the world.


Each chef is given the challenge of interpreting a state or moment in nature - such as air (and vacuum), silence (and noise), fire (and ice), light (darkness).

The Texts


Each of the 8 thematic chapters will have more than one recipe, interpreted by more than one chef. An idea like "Light", for example, is interpreted by chefs from different backgrounds - they can be Japanese, Danish, Italian ...


The texts will contain the story of the genesis of each dish: the idea of ​​the natural element chosen, the challenge presented to the chef by the author of the book, and the intellectual and sensory path taken by the chef to create the dish.


The Images

A very richly illustrated book, with plenty of weel-produced images of the dishes and of the natural phenomena.


Photos will be snapshots taken throughout the chef's work, and also beautiful photos of the ready meals, inspired not only by the recipe, but also by the element that inspired it.


The characters - chefs - will come from various countries and continents.


A first glance of guest chefs: Alain Passard (France); Albert Adrià (Spain); Andoni Aduriz (Spain); Grant Achatz (United States); Helena Rizzo (Brazil); Heston Blumenthal (England); Isaac McHale (England); Jefferson Rueda (Brazil); Juan Roca (Spain); Massimo Bottura (Italy); Mauro Colagreco (France); René Redzepi (Denmark); Virgílio Martínez (Peru); Wladimir Mukhin (Russia); Yannick Alléno (France); Zayu Hasegawa (Japan).


And some more to come.

The Characters

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