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The Author: Josimar Melo


Josimar Melo is one of the most important characters in today’s international gourmet scene:

  • Brazilian pioneering gastronomy critic for the most important national newspaper, Folha de S.Paulo

  • Content Director of Sabor&Arte Channel, recently launched in Brazil.

  • Founder of the Latin-American branch of "The World’s 50 Best Restaurants" awards, now acting as a chairman

  • Host of gourmet events of many kinds in Brazil and abroad.

  • Food and travel researcher, writer, critic, teacher, speaker and curator

  • Columnist for food and travel publications

  • Consultant for food projects and enterprises

  • Publisher of "Guia Josimar" guide for 25 years

  • Author of several books

  • Presenter of TV show "O Guia" ("Word of Mouth"), for NatGeo Channel; juror at Netflix series "The Final Table"; host at "Comida é Arte" series for TravezBox Brazil channel

  • Content Director of Sabor&Arte Channel, 24-hour TV channel just launched in Brazil, where he also hosts two shows

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A stellar array of international photographers will be lead by Rogério Voltan:


Born in Brazil and based in Canada, Voltan had his work published in 18 books, including "Brazilian Food CookBook" (by Thiago Castanho), "The Vegan Divas CookBook" (by Fernanda Capobianco), "Shung Lee" (by Michael Tong) and "Payard Desserts" (by François Payard).

He was awarded an honorable mention in Professional Fine Art (London International Creative Competition, 2011) and in Professional Still Life (8th Annual Black and White Spider Award, 2014).

The Publishers

This is where Taschen comes in:

This is not a book for beginners. That is why we thought of Taschen Books as our perfect match for this project.

We want to shoot a TV Docuseries showing how a state-of-the Art gastronomy book is made, step-by-step, from scratch.

We want Taschen to bring its quality standards to develop this book, having a key-role in the whole process, with a carte-blanche on the art direction, diagramation and finishing of this book, providing our curatorship and content. 

The book and documentary can unfold into some online and social-networks extensions, with copyright additions.

We already have the structure, a basic chronogram, production planning and the general budget definitions, that we will be happy to share if there is interest from you. 

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