The TV Series

The muse is our planet, the heroes are the chefs, the director is the critic and the book is the adventure.

The muse is our planet, the heroes are the chefs, their superpower is cooking magnificently, the director (and presenter) is the critic, the settings are the best restaurants in the world and the book is the adventure. This is a docuseries about food and Nature.

For the first time, a book and a TV series simultaneously address, and interconnect, two subjects of our time:

  • Food not only as food, but also as a source of inspiration from unusual themes - the phenomena, states and moments of nature.

  • The book (whose death has been prophesied in the digital age), as a perennial support for a certain type of literature - like art books, including culinary art books.



The TV series "FOOD / NATURE" follows the saga of the production of the book "FOOD NATURE".



It works as a making-of of the book, organized in 8 episodes (equivalent to the 8 chapters of the book), each one focusing on the theme of a chapter and showing: the genesis of the chapter, the author's conception of the theme, the discussions between the author and the chefs, and finally each chef preparing his recipe for the cameras, and explaining his interpretation, inspiration and creative path to reach it.


At the end of the work, the book takes shape, and the series ends with the book being printed and arriving at the publisher.

Camera Operator
Chef Stir Fry